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May 02, 2022 | YRE, Environment

The Young Reporters for the Environment has always been a program I have been very connected with, which inspires me to write and talk about the environment and the sustainability of our planet.

So, it was no surprise that I would go to the YRE mission at the Lisbon Zoo last month… nor that I would love it!

I had an awesome time meeting dozens of like-minded colleagues (with whom I still keep in contact), discovering intricate details about the Zoo and seeing all the species that the Zoo preserves. In fact, I must say that the proximity to these animals made me reflect on many opinions I had and the emotional connection I created with them made me care even more about their conservation.

The mission was composed of three days of intense work of investigation and writing. My group (two colleagues and I) produced six reports and prepared two presentations in these few days.

Another thing I found very interesting was a recent decision of the Zoo to give more attention and importance to the flora of the Zoo and to make a guided tour dedicated to the plants that stand there. And, I think it’s such a powerful move. Many people continue blinded by the extinction of animals (which by nature we connect more deeply with) and forget the conservation of the flora, which we are all dependent.

Also, we were able to discover the numerous steps the zoo takes in order to keep the animals healthy and preserve their natural behaviours.

So, I felt this experience was extremely rewarding. And, because of that, I joined Francisca Ribeiro, Gustavo Santos and Luís Martins to talk about their thoughts on the importance of these days in their lives.

Watch it here:

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Written by Filipe Correia

Filipe Correia is a student of Informatics and Computing Engineering at the University of Porto. Additionally, he is also a writer, a photographer and a speaker. His interests range from technology, psychology and philosophy to the environment.

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