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January 18, 2022 | FMCorreia

Hey, there! 🖐️

Welcome to my website! This is going to be a place where I share some things I find compelling and explain the logic behind the projects I’m working on.

The idea for its creation appeared to me in the monotonous year of 2021!

Before then, I usually had to publish my articles on websites where I didn’t have any control of the aesthetics or of the way they were going to be used. So, I felt that building a personal website would give me the flexibility of publishing about different topics in the same place and the creativity to design the website as I intended.

But the process took a little bit more than I was expecting…

Between purchasing this domain (fmcorreia.com) and publishing the site one year passed, marked by my indecision as to what framework I was going to use and the style of the website.

In the meanwhile, to get inspired I explored several websites from many online creators, such as paulstamatiou.com, surma.dev, filippo.io and trentwalton.com. Additionally, while I was investigating the different CMSs out there, I found a very interesting Drupal theme, called Olivero, that was probably the most significant source of inspiration.

Also, I decided that I was going to be using Gatsby, a wonderful static-site generator that has been making a name for itself in recent years and Netlify to host it.

Then, I only had to start building it and get creative!

Today, it was finally published to the world! And, I’m excited to hear your opinion about it through this form)!

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Written by Filipe Correia

Filipe Correia is a student of Informatics and Computing Engineering at the University of Porto. Additionally, he is also a writer, a photographer and a speaker. His interests range from technology, psychology and philosophy to the environment.

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