2022 has gone by! Welcome 2023!

January 07, 2023 |

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  • So, what have I been doing on the 365 days that made up 2022?
  • And, 2023 is coming up with a lot of new stuff!

2022 is a year that feels nice to write about. After years of being worried about COVID-19, we could finally be more social and leave home with a big smile that people could actually see!

I missed going to summer camps, traveling to new places and meeting awesome people, so this was a year of retrieving those habits! Associated with that, it was also the year in which I got into university!

So, what have I been doing on the 365 days that made up 2022?

On the first months of the year, I was having a lot of fun with my friends on high school, so apart from managing Jovens AESPS (developing marketing material, refactoring the whole code of the website and maintaining the school radio (which I named “Rádio Jovens AESPS” for obvious reasons)), I wasn’t very active online.

In the meanwhile, you might have seen me at the Lisbon Zoo and at the Rock in Rio working as a Young Reporter of the Environment. You can check out my work at the Portuguese YRE platform.

During the summer breaks, I had the chance to meet a lot of amazing people from all over the country. Also, a lot happened on the FMCorreia network. I had the chance to update some pages and add content that I had been wanting to add.

September came with a huge change! FEUP got into my life… (or probably I entered into the life of FEUP?) From then on, I have been having a lot of fun with extraordinary and ambitious colleagues with whom I share a lot of interests.

Finally, in December, I was invited to receive an award from my high school, as the best student of the subject “Portuguese” of the year! Having been awarded at the “Salão Nobre” I also gave a speech about the importance of extra-curricular activities in the development of work and people skills in high school! (I even had the chance to talk about my project (Jovens AESPS) and the radio I developed)

In the course of the year, I also had the time to read a lot of books. If you are looking for suggestions on what to read this year, check out my article!

All in all, the year was really demanding, but exciting due to all the new challenges that arose!

And, 2023 is coming up with a lot of new stuff!

I’m starting a new podcast that is going to be completely different from anything that I have created in the past. It’s going to be personal, energetic, fun, but with the rigour I like to keep!

I will try to be more “social”—publishing something on social media at least once every five months. (If you don’t follow me yet, feel free to do it now!)

I will be more connected with my friends as well, even with “old” friends. However, I’ll continue to be open to new connections! I will open more blocks to talk with you on my calendar (so, feel free to schedule something with me in a click).

In addition, I’m planning to write more to this blog and re-style this website! Ohh… And, you will be able to see my best photos in 2023 on a dedicated page! Something that I will probably develop is a notification system, so that we can be in touch faster.

And, as happened last year, I want to read some more books and I’ll be waiting for all the great new songs and movies from my favourite artists! ;)

What are your goals for 2023?

I hope you will continue to be with me this year! See you soon!

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Written by Filipe Correia

Filipe Correia is a student of Informatics and Computing Engineering at the University of Porto. Additionally, he is also a writer, a photographer and a speaker. His interests range from technology, psychology and philosophy to the environment.

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