The books that made my 2022

January 30, 2023 | books

Table of Contents

  • A Life on our Planet | David Attenborough
  • Sapiens: A brief history of humankind | Yuval Harari
  • Captivate | Vanessa Van Edwards
  • Algorithms to live by | Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths
  • Never Eat Alone | Keith Ferrazzi
  • How the world really works | Vaclav Smil

Every year, I have a goal to read some of the most interesting books that I have been suggested.

This last year was no different! And my preferences headed to six interesting books that span across several areas!

So, let’s jump right in!

A Life on our Planet | David Attenborough

My first reading was “A Life on our Planet”, by David Attenborough. This was an extremely rewarding read. In this book, Attenborough explains what is affecting our planet and all the environmental problems we are facing and will face, especially in the area of biodiversity!

But, he continues with solutions that can help humanity to live a sustainable “life on our planet”, either at a political or individual level. Finally, he argues that in the majority of the cases we are in the wrong direction. However, he presents some projects that are already in work in some parts of the world and that could lead to a serious change if they were applied on a global scale. And, those projects span several areas of interest, such as agriculture and smart cities.

All in all, this is a very interesting read for anyone interested in environmental protection (which should be every one of us). And, I’m sure that I will cite some of the author’s suggestions in some of my future works.

Sapiens: A brief history of humankind | Yuval Harari

Sometimes, I like to read books that make me think and reflect about history and life. This was one of those!

Yuval Harari describes the history of humanity, from our nomads ancestors to the current sedentary culture. And, in between, he asks relevant questions about our current assumptions that are heavily influenced by our recent history. I especially liked to learn more about the history before Christ, but the author also goes forward, predicting how our future world may look like with the development of Artificial Intelligence and bioengineering.

Despite some points of view that are slightly off for me, the author is able to present his logic in a clear way that makes it easy to comprehend. And, I believe this is what makes this book so captivating!

This was definitely the best book I read about history in a long time, and an open minder in some areas!

Captivate | Vanessa Van Edwards

I love the work of Vanessa Van Edwards! And this is the second I read from her. In it, Vanessa Van Edwards boils down the characteristics that make people look and sound confident, attractive and trustworthy.

In a world where the relationships with your connections are so important for your personal and professional success, I believe that Vanessa nailed to summarize the main actions you can take to be the person you want to be!

If you are still unsure about buying it, I’m sure you will love to check out her website (Science of People)!

Algorithms to live by | Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths

My maths teacher from high school liked to tell that maths was everywhere. Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths confirm it! But, in a way that surprised me!

Throughout the book, numerous examples of life situations are given and the authors drive the readers through a possible explanation of the way things happen based on various mathematical theories!

As an example, they discuss the factors that can help you decide if you should try new things or stick with something that you already like. But, they even go deeper and give suggestions to avoid regret in your life and explain why some types of toornaments are unfair! (Is the team that won the second place award really the second best team?)

Before reading the book, you can also check out this video from TED ed that enumerates some strategies to live a more efficient life according to the authors!

Never Eat Alone | Keith Ferrazzi

Relationships are important! In this book, Ferrazzi talks about his professional life and his way of seeing connections in the business world. Through the thirty-tree chapters of the book, the author is clear on the relevance of humility and of being open to help others to develop strong friendships!

It’s definitively a must-read for anyone that wants to succeed in the 21st century!

How the world really works | Vaclav Smil

Unfortunately, I haven’t finished this book yet. But, the level of detail that Vaclav Smil uses to explain humanity’s need for energy on the first chapter and all the history which he describes on the second chapter about food production are so great that I must recommend this book! (In a near future, I will have more info here!)

Have you read any of these?

Or, … Did you read something really cool? Feel free to get in touch and send me your suggestions!

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