Jovens AESPS

Jovens AESPS was a project I built when I was in High School, which had the goal to allow students to publish articles and connect with each other.

I founded it when I was 15 years old, in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic forced the Portuguese government to close the schools and make students go home.

That way, I had some free time to think about some projects I could develop that could help the whole community.

Jovens AESPS was the one I decided to pursue! Although just as a curiosity, the name of the project, in the beginning, was not that - it was Jornal AESPS - but as it interfered with other projects, I had to change it to Jovens AESPS!

On this page, I will share some of the details about the website I created for this project and some of the initiatives I coordinated.

The Website

The website came to air for the first time as a Wordpress website. However, as it was hosted on shared hosting and had several plugins installed to have some functionalities that were thought relevant, it rapidly started to lose performance.

Some time after, some plugins were deleted, but the performance was still not optimal. So I changed CMS!

I decided to move to a headless CMS integrated with a frontend framework. Namely, I used Strapi for the backend and Gatsby JS for the frontend.

In my last year of high school, having noticed that no one would continue with the website development, I turned the old website completely static. Currently, the files hosted are just HTML and CSS files generated by Wordpress.

Initiatives at Jovens AESPS

These are some of the initiatives I coordinated while at Jovens AESPS:

  • School Radio More info
  • VideoGames Competitions
  • Connection between the different groups in the school (namely, the library, the Eco-Schools program and the Ciência Viva club)
  • Yearbook Website More info
  • Mini websites for events
  • Other events in conjunction with the School Students’ Association (AEESSPS)

Filipe Correia