The Cassepedro website was a side project I developed after Cassepedro’s management get in touch with me.

It’s hosted at, using Netlify’s technology.

Technical Details Considering the small dimension of this project and the fact that I didn’t have as much knowledge as I have now working with web frameworks (ex: Gatsby, Next.Js,…) at the time I started working on this, I decided that I would be going with pure HTML & CSS!

I started out designing the website to the liking of the client, with the area of business of Cassepedro always in mind.

Then I spent about three weeks (learning and) developing the whole website, according to the design I had thought about before.

Updates 1.0 | Initial Release

2.0 | Due to the growth of the website, I was invited to translate it to English. This was something that proved to be a challenge, because of the tools I had chosen before.

Filipe Correia