Book of Finalists

As a senior student at my high school, I created an application that allows finalists to store their information, creating a stronger community between past and current students!

Note that this was an app built as the final project for CS50x.

Presentation video

Official Description

In the past, students used to create yearbooks, where details of all the high school finalists were stored every year. However, nowadays, with the rise of the use of technology, students are abandoning this tool and relying on platforms like social media networks that are not apropriate for this task.

This is where “Livro de Finalistas” jumps in! This website is a place where the senior students at my school can create an account and store in our website their social media accounts, a brief description of themselves and a small message for the future.

With their account, they can also see all the other senior students or filter them by the year they finished high school!


This website is based on the framework Flask.


1.0 | Initial Version, using a simple database (SQLite3)

2.0 | Changes:

  • Code optimization
  • Implementation of Firebase Realtime Database to store data. Elimination of the dependence of the SQLite3 database.
  • Implementation of Firebase Auth for authentication and authorization.

Filipe Correia