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January 11, 2024 | environment

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  • The podcast

Last year, the IPCC report on the status of climate change was published.

As usual, I read it to check what was the progress of many of the goals that I have been following in the past years. I wasn’t really prepared for what I read..

In fact, I got emotional with some of the stats! Most of the goals politicians have been promising us are already out of scope. As an example, the goal of limiting warming to 1.5ºC is already presented as failed, with humanity “more likely than not to reach 1.5ºC even under the very low GHG emission scenario”, which “will intensify multiple and concurrent hazards”!

However, for some reason, it seems that, we, as society, are not worried anymore about our future. For the news industry, climate change is not relevant… Ever since the huge popularity of Greta Thunberg and her courageous actions, the news forgot the importance of this topic.. And, while they may continue to report extreme events and attributing the blame to climate change, their attitude has become more passive. This makes it seem that there is nothing to be done and that we are doomed to a dark future.

This just shows that these events are becoming “the new normal”. That’s already bad, but the biggest issue is this is going to be the “old normal” in some years. Temperatures will continue to rise, the artic will continue to melt, new diseases will appear,… And, it will affect everyone!

Despite this, I can understand journalists. They are attention seekers. And, for the good and the bad, climate change isn’t attractive anymore. That is what I want to try to combat with my new podcast.

With “Janela de Oportunidade”, I tried to make a good blend between reliable information and story telling, making the journey of listening an episode after the other as fluid as possible.

In fact, from experience, (in the past I have also developed other podcasts), the most heard episodes were usually the ones that involved a curious fact inserted in a story about the topic.

Ok.. After this, let’s head to the real important part! What’s the podcast all about?

The podcast

I decided to name this podcast “Janela de Oportunidade” (Opportunity’s Window), due to the fact that our time to act and guarantee a safe future for the next (and our) generations is getting smaller and smaller everyday.

Even thought I’m slightly more pessimistic about the world than I was in the past, I still consider myself an optimistic and I really believe that change is happening and that humans are able to tackle this challenge!

Someone that hears this podcast can expect to be able to answer the following questions?

  • When did our emissions started to rise?
  • How many people will we have in the end of the century?
  • What are some examples of things that have been done?
  • What can I expect of my future?
  • What can I do?
  • How should governments tackle this issue?

And much more in episodes that follow one after each other perfectly!

I really loved creating this podcast! I hope you love it too!

You can be the first to listen it by the end of the month! For now, you can listen to the trailer:

See you then!

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Written by Filipe Correia

Filipe Correia is a student of Informatics and Computing Engineering at the University of Porto. Additionally, he is also a writer, a photographer and a speaker. His interests range from technology, psychology and philosophy to the environment.

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